Water Quality Consultant

Job description

WRc plc is seeking a proven water quality specialist to join our growing Water and Environment team, with a particular emphasis on treatment processes and disinfection but also with opportunity to work across a wide variety of water and environment projects. 

The Role

The nature of the work will include Regulatory Support projects, training and the development of procedures for Water Companies both in the UK and overseas. 

It will also require the:

  • Creation and development of relationships with a broad range of clients from academia, private companies to government agencies;
  • Production of outputs that provide innovative customer solutions, by collecting and analysing information and adapting, and modifying technical outputs;
  • Conducting of on-site investigations and trouble-shooting, preparing detailed consultancy reports on water treatment performance and water quality issues;
  • Contribution to project team performance through team work and focusing on project completion within timelines;
  • Advancing of WRc’s capability and expertise, by attending or organising professional workshops, analysing technical publications, establishing excellent networks and participating in professional societies;
  • Enhancing the company’s reputation by proactively exploring opportunities to add extra value to every project delivered.

Job requirements

We're looking for specialist knowledge of municipal water treatment and/or water quality / public health microbiology with relevance to drinking water, together with a broader understanding of UK water industry practices, challenges, innovations and regulatory issues.  The ideal candidate will be well networked and have an appetite and aptitude for both technical and commercial aspects of consultancy work with the ability to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and wider stakeholders.


  • B.Sc. or equivalent in a water and environment or pure science-based discipline or similar;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a municipal water treatment / public health related role of relevance to water with an in-depth appreciation of related drivers and business challenges;
  • Proven experience of practically applying your water treatment / microbiological expertise in a consultancy, water utility or industrial environments;
  • Detailed knowledge of the principles and practices of water supply hygiene, including regulatory compliance, waterborne pathogens and indicator bacteria and managing the microbiological quality and safety of drinking water;
  • Demonstrated ability to understand client requirements and experience in providing tailored, commercial solutions;
  • Ability to develop and deliver innovative, sustainable solutions through following a project management framework;
  • Strong technical lead capability and experience;
  • Flexibility to travel, working internationally as required;
  • Desire to work both independently and collaboratively in pressurised, complex situations.Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), team working skills and analytical skills;
  • Excellent IT skills, familiar with relevant computer applications and simulation software.


  • A post graduate degree;
  • Practical knowledge of microbiological techniques for the examination of water;
  • Experience or understanding of microbiological issues relevant to process waters in other sectors e.g. Food & Beverage.